Pathway to Excellence Team Training eLearning series

Pathways to Excellence

Lesson 1: Orientation

Lesson 2: Food Safety

Lesson 3: Cleaning and Sanitation

Lesson 4: Safety and Security

Lesson 5: Fried Sides

Lesson 6: Sandwich Cart Set Up/Chicken Sandwiches

Lesson 7: Cold Sides

Lesson 8: Hot Sides Mix/Hot Sides Chubs/Corn on the Cob

Lesson 9: Guest Service/Hospitality and Guest Recovery

Lesson 10: Apple Pies

Lesson 11: Register Operations/Drive-Thru

Lesson 12: Expediting

Lesson 13: Beverage Setup

Lesson 14: Chicken Prep and Batter Mix

Lesson 15: Cooking Bone-In Chicken

Lesson 16: Crunchy Tenders

Lesson 17: Boneless Wings

Lesson 18: Filtering & Warm Soaks